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End Demand, End Sex Trafficking

We teamed up with actor, activist, and sexual assault survivor Terry Crews to break down the supply/demand model of the sex trade and its effect on sex trafficking. 


In order to shrink the exploitative industry of prostitution and end sex trafficking, we must tackle the demand for it, which is primarily fueled by male sex buyers. The patriarchal system of prostitution promotes toxic masculinity and a culture where women and girls are treated less than human.

Terry Crews is an action-movie star, comedian, game show host, former NFL player, and bestselling author. On top of all that, he is deeply committed to the fight for equality. As an ambassador for Polaris, Terry is dedicated to combatting human trafficking. He also speaks frequently about toxic masculinity and the negative effects of pornography on heathy relationships and gender equality. 

Animation and Production: Saiem Choudhury (House of Hippie Productions) and Mitha Choudhury (NYFEM Coalition member) 

Script: NYFEM Communications Team

Voiceover: Terry Crews (Actor/Comedian/Activist)

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