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Rhode Island Case Study: The Experiment with Full Decriminalization 

Find out what happened to Rhode Island’s sex trade between 1980-2009 when prostitution was fully decriminalized. This short video looks at how this happened, explores false narratives about this time and discusses the consequences of this loophole in prostitution legislation.


Mitha Choudhury is the Program Coordinator for the EMPOWER Center in NYC, a multi-disciplinary health center for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). Mitha has worked with survivors of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and human trafficking in both the UK and now the US. She is passionate about educating people about the realities and dangers of the sex trade. 

Animation and Production: Mitha Choudhury (NYFEM Coalition member) 

Script: Mitha Choudhury 

Voiceover: Mitha Choudhury

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